All-in-one cell stretching instruments

  • NanoSurface's Cytostretcher family of instruments stretch flexible cell culture chambers to provide cyclic mechanical strain to cultured cells.

  • Use the Cytostretcher to stretch cells on the bench-top or in a cell culture incubator. Use the Cytostretcher-LV to perform stretching experiments on an optical microscope. Small footprint and self-contained design without bulky external controllers.

  • Elastomeric cell culture chambers are available in several sizes. Use standard chambers with unpatterned "flat" surface topography, or NanoSurface chambers, with biomimetic nanoscale surface topography.

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NanoSurface Cytostretcher

  • Unparalleled experimental flexibility: program highly customized stretch routines.

  • Versatile and intuitive NaOMI software makes programming fast and easy. No bulky external controllers.

  • Small footprint: 300 x 100 x 60 mm. Use the Cytostretcher alongside other cultures in your cell culture incubator.

  • Parallel operation: control many Cytostretchers with a single computer.

  • Throughput: 1 CS-2500, 3 CS-0144, or 6 CS-0025 parallel stretching chambers per Cytostretcher.

NanoSurface Cytostretcher-LV

  • Live View: stretch cells on an optical microscope

  • Image living cells while stretching

  • Temperature, CO2, and humidity environmental control directly on the microscope stage

  • Programmable using versatile NaOMI software

  • Operate with or without computer

  • Standard K-frame stage mount

Investigate multi-scale mechanical stimulation

NanoSurface nanopatterned culture surfaces provide a cellular microenvironment that mimics the aligned architecture of the native extracellular matrix, promoting cellular structural and functional development. The NanoSurface Cytostretcher integrates flexible NanoSurface culture chambers with the ability to stimulate your cultures with cyclic mechanical stretch. Versatile software enables programming of a wide array of stretch protocols for tremendous investigative flexibility.

  • NanoSurface culture chambers: biomimetic aligned nanoscale surface topography

  • Nanotopography orientation: either parallel or perpendicular to applied stretch

  • Chamber culture area: 2500 mm2, 144 mm2, or 25 mm2

C2C12 culture on NanoSurface Cytostretcher Chamber

C2C12 culture aligned on a NanoSurface Cytostretcher chamber by parallel nanotopography

Cytomechanics, unlocked

  • The NanoSurface Operational Mechanics Interface - NaOMI - enables complete control of stretching parameters and cyclic strain protocols for maximum investigative flexibility. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, NaOMI software provides a straighforward and powerful user interface for automated operation of the NanoSurface Cytostretcher.

  • USB connectivity allows for easy operation. Software logging automatically records experimental details. Users can program elongation length, holding time, and stretching speed independently for each stretch cycle.