eCyte™ 6

eCyte™ 6


Electrical Stimulation System

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System Specifications

Pulse Modes Biphasic Alternating Positive Negative
Pulse Waveforms Biphasic Waveform Alternating Waveform Positive Waveform Negative Waveform
Stimulation Frequency 0.1 Hz – 200 Hz, 0.01 Hz resolution
Pulse Width 0.05 ms – 1000 ms, 0.05 ms resolution
Stimulation Amplitude ± 40 V, 0.05 V resolution
Channels 6 Individual Stimulation Channels
Trigger Functions Trigger-in and Trigger-out TTL


NanoSurface eCyte 6 Electrical Stimulation System Brochure

Download the NanoSurface eCyte 6 system brochure for information about the electrical stimulation system in a convenient PDF format. For additional information, please contact