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The NanoSurface 35 mm Dish and 25 mm Coverglass feature nanopatterned surface topography, which provides a cellular microenvironment that mimics the aligned architecture of the native extracellular matrix.

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NanoSurface Cultureware Brochure

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Benefits of NanoSurface Cultureware


High-quality Imaging

Compatible with high-magnification, high-NA transmitted light and fluorescence microscopy techniques. No spectral loss across commonly used fluorophores.

Reproducibly Structured Cell Cultures

Highly uniform, precise, and accurate nanopatterns ensure that your results are consistent from plate to plate.

Industry Standard Culture Formats

Cultureware comes in a variety of ANSI/SLAS compliant form factors to guarantee compatibility with existing instrumentation and hardware. 

Biomimetic Technology

Nanoscale topography mimics the aligned architecture of the extracellular matrix. 

More NanoSurface Details

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